Lethal Force is your source for concealed carry (CCW) permits, self-defense, and firearms training. Currently, we offer classes for the Utah Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) that allows you to concealed carry your firearm in up to 38 states. This permit is the most widely accepted, making it the most sought after in the country! Attend one of our classes and you can obtain your own permit! You may also want to organize a class for your work place or group. For details and to make arrangements, Contact Us

Conceal Carry Smarter and In More States!

PA Permit Map How? Take this Utah Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) Class by Lethal Force: *Or schedule a class for your club or group Call 814-573-7656

    • Qualify to apply for Utah and Arizona CCW permits that allow you to carry in more states than resident CCW permit alone – up to 38 states including OH and PA!
    • Defend yourself and your family while travelling for work or vacation
    • Learn handgun use/safety from NRA and Utah BCI certified instructors
    • Get latest info about concealed carry and firearm laws
    • Be better equipped for self-defense against violent crime

    Note: The Utah permit does require that you have a resident CCW permit if you live in a state that has reciprocity with Utah i.e. OH, PA, WV etc but NOT NY, MD, NJ etc

The Ultimate in Self-Defense!

Why choose Lethal Force?

We bring the class to you! Lethal force is always on the road and we would be happy to arrange a class with your club or group! To set up a class contact Josh at (814) 573-7656

  • We are a 1-stop-shop! All materials and items necessary are provided at every class! These include: Book of all material covered, fingerprinting service, passport photo, paperwork and even the envelopes to mail them!
  • We use only Utah AND NRA certified instructors
  • Our fingerprinters have less than a .0025% rejection rate. Over 40 times better than other companies!
  • When the class is over we are still here to help with any questions you have in the future. This is a full time 2nd Ammendment Operation!

PA Residents: Conceal carry in up to 38 states!

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OH Residents: Conceal carry in 37 states!

An Ohio resident CCW permit and a Utah non-resident CCW permit allows OH residents to conceal carry in more states than the Ohio CCW permit alone - 37 states including PA!!